Dementia Care

For those members of our Etive House Care Home family who are currently living with dementia, our home is designed to provide a safe, caring, and welcoming atmosphere. Our Dementia Care Team have all undergone thorough, specialised training in dealing with all aspects and levels of memory impairment. Our staff has undergone rigorous training to ensure that each individual is treated with the utmost care and respect.

Our Activity Coordinators always prioritise making sure that our residents get the very best level of care, especially when it comes to fulfilling their social, mental and emotional needs. We always want to collaborate with our dementia residents and their loved ones to identify activities and therapies that are appropriate for their specific needs and to help them thrive. Daily planned activities improve social and mental stimulation and interaction, as well as relieve any frustrations and tensions associated with dementia.

What is Dementia Care?

Dementia is a brain disease that affects several cognitive functions, including speech and memory. With the correct care and support, people living with dementia can continue to live their lives to the fullest, while our incredible teams of highly skilled medical professionals can help them maintain their sense of self and independence for as long as possible. Etive House Care Home recognises that no two people with dementia are alike and that while some may only require modest support with daily activities, others may require significantly more. Our Dementia Care is personalised for each person, and our home and staff provide the best atmosphere for people to live a positive and comfortable life.

Our Approach to Dementia Care

Our staff has received comprehensive dementia training, and we take pride in providing each patient with the highest level of care and respect possible. We make every effort to provide treatment that helps each person to attain their greatest potential and live a happy and comfortable life. Regularly planned activities help social and mental stimulation and engagement, as well as resolve any frustrations and tensions connected with dementia. Our home was built with thoughtfully designed areas and an understanding of the need for comfort and familiarity, as well as practical features within our home to ensure that those staying with us and living with dementia know we have an appreciation for the significance of certain items within our home.

When Do You Know That You Need Dementia Care?

Dementia can bring a variety of challenges to those who live with it, as well as those who care for them, on a daily basis. Dementia is a progressive syndrome, which means that the person with dementia will require more support and care as time goes on. If a person living with Dementia has deteriorated to the point that they might require a slightly higher level of care and support than can be provided at home, they will need care from a care home and the qualified staff within them. With the support of family and loved ones, the staff at Etive House Treatment Home can help to create an authentic picture of a resident’s life, ensuring that both medical and wellness care is considered and expertly handled. Working closely with family and loved ones allows us to learn more about them, and thus provide them with a higher standard of care.

Specially Selected Care for our Residents by Trustworthy Professionals

Our staff always go above and beyond to provide exceptional care to all of our residents here at Etive House Care Home. Our qualified team takes a huge amount of pride in delivering care that respects our resident’s privacy and dignity. The high-quality care we provide will cater to both health and well-being needs as we believe looking after the individual as a whole is vital to ensuring the best care. By working with prospective residents, we can customise individual care plans which can be altered if and when necessary. All types of care take place in a welcoming environment and peaceful setting, designed to make everyone feel at home in their environment.

Etive House Care Home’s Available Medical Services

Our residents deserve the best, most thought-through and dedicated services that we here at Etive House Care Home can provide. We do this by combining a high standard of quality care alongside our all-inclusive facilities, ensuring our residents are never left without proper attention. In addition, we realise that it’s essential our residents have access to a variety of services, meaning all of our residents have access to the following medical services:

Doctor’s Appointments

When it comes to attending a doctor’s appointment, we always encourage our residents to be as independent as possible. They can either choose to attend their GP session alone or be accompanied by a friendly and trusted member of our team.

Opticians Visits

If any of our residents are suffering from any eye-related concerns, they can rest assured that they’ll always have access to an optician while staying with us at Etive House Care Home. Any treatment required might come at an additional cost, so it’s always worth checking before any further payments are made.

Dental Care

We recognise just how important dental care, health and hygiene can be to an individual, especially as we get older. Those who need dental care or a specific oral treatment can book an appointment with a Dentist while staying with us.


Physiotherapy can be organised for those of our residents who are suffering from joint or muscular pain. Whether you want a one-off session to fix an individual targeted area, or you’d prefer to continue on a specific course for a series of weeks, you can talk with a member of a team to discover what the best course of action is for you. 


Residents who suffer from foot-related concerns can schedule a visit from a Chiropodist to treat any problems they might have. This will incur an extra cost, however, and is not included within the overall fee of staying with us at Etive House Care Home.

Moving Into a House That Feels Like Home

Etive House Care Home has a mission, and it is to provide the highest quality of life for our residents. Our luxury care home provides a level of luxury accommodation that’s difficult to beat, as well as five-star facilities that will enable our residents to thrive in their environment. Thanks to the daily activities on offer and in-house amenities, residents have everything they might need to live a rich and fulfilling life. Residents can enjoy socialising with one another and learning new things, as well as being given the opportunity to indulge in a fantastic lifestyle each day. An easy-going and varied lifestyle awaits at Etive House Care Home, where the daily stresses of life can be easily taken care of.

Reach Out and Talk to our Skilled Professionals

Our friendly team will be more than happy to answer your questions regarding our care and facilities at Etive House Care Home. You can easily contact us by sending us a message at or call us on 01631 720278 to talk to one of our supportive team members. Alternatively, feel free to complete our Enquiry Form and we will respond as soon as possible.