Landscaped Gardens

We are fortunate here at Etive House Care Home to have our own landscaped garden, which allows residents to enjoy a quiet outside space to stretch their legs, receive some vitamin D, and enjoy the natural surrounding beauty.

If residents want to spend some time alone or want to welcome family members outdoors for afternoon tea, our beautiful gardens are the ideal place to do it.

Inclusive Garden Facilities

When the sun shines, our Activity Coordinator plans a variety of activities, including gardening, to be enjoyed in our tranquil garden. Residents can join the gardening club, which helps residents plant herbs in the herb garden, maintain the many plants and flowers across the property, and refill bird feeders. Thanks to our garden facilities, there is always something for all of our residents to partake in and enjoy.

Someone Planting Wearing Gardening Gloves

Summertime Fun

Residents and staff at Etive House Care Home look forward to the summer months. We make every effort to take advantage of the dry, warm weather whenever possible, which is why we frequently offer outside BBQs and entertainment, as well as an annual Summer Fete for residents, employees and family members. The outdoor activities on offer provide excellent social possibilities, allowing loved ones to join in the enjoyment as well.

Etive House Garden

What You’ll Find at Etive House

We’ve taken great care in designing our care home to guarantee our residents enjoy comfort, convenience, and the specialised assistance they require, thanks to our comprehensive range of facilities and services.

Raised Flower Beds

Outdoor Furniture

Admire Wildlife

Gardening Opportunities

Outside Dining

Safe & Secure

Landscaped Gardens FAQs

We are firm believers in the importance of giving our residents the opportunity to get outdoors regularly. Whether it’s taking in the fresh air, engaging in outdoor activities, or simply immersing themselves in the natural world, we consider this essential for their overall well-being. Spending time outside offers numerous mental and physical benefits, including stress and anxiety reduction, mood improvement, enhanced cognitive function, and better cardiovascular health, balance, and muscle strength.

Many of our activities take place outdoors, allowing our residents to fully embrace the benefits of nature. From walks and gardening sessions to fun lawn games and chair exercises, we make the most of our outdoor spaces. On pleasant days, residents have the opportunity to dine in the garden and enjoy live entertainment.

Our gardens are thoughtfully designed to be inclusive for all residents. Wheelchair-accessible paths and comfortable seating are provided. The garden is secure, with fencing and gates to ensure residents’ safety and prevent them from wandering beyond its bounds.

Specialist Care Provided by Trustworthy Professionals

At our care home in Benderloch, Oban, we take great pride in delivering a diverse array of care services. Our core belief is that all our residents should have access to top-quality care while also being able to follow their passions, explore their interests, and form new bonds.

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