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Our peaceful library is a popular spot for our residents; the perfect place to unwind while reading a book in a comfortable chair. We encourage all residents to read books on a regular basis. With a wide range of genres to choose from, from crime thrillers to romance novels, residents have a plethora of titles to select from.

Reading aloud or in a group setting allows residents to use their imaginations while also providing conversation subjects for fellow residents and even family members. Our library is the perfect place to unwind, whether members prefer to read alone in a cosy corner or play a card game quietly with a fellow resident.

More Than Just Reading

Reading can have a significant impact on people’s health, which is why we strongly encourage residents to visit our library. It has been shown that reading has the ability to boost mental health, communication skills and the ability to use one’s imagination. Reading is a must-have activity for decreasing stress, enhancing memory and even improving sleep habits. Our library is designed to offer more than just reading, but a whole host of health and mental well-being benefits.

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Our library has been designed to appeal to as many residents as possible, by including popular classics such as ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ as well as more contemporary works. No matter what genre a resident prefers, our library shelves are guaranteed to contain something for them. Our book collection is updated on a regular basis, ensuring that even the most devoted bookworms will never be bored.

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Stack of Books

What You’ll Find at Etive House

We’ve taken great care in designing our care home to guarantee our residents enjoy comfort, convenience, and the specialised assistance they require, thanks to our comprehensive range of facilities and services.

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Library FAQs

Our library displays a variety of book titles, from romance to fantasy and everything in between. Residents also have access to newspapers and magazines where personal subscriptions can be arranged.

We continually add new reading materials to the library and we also receive book donations from residents, relatives, and local businesses.

Our library has been thoughtfully designed to provide a tranquil and comfortable environment with armchairs and side tables.

Specialist Care Provided by Trustworthy Professionals

At our care home in Benderloch, Oban, we take great pride in delivering a diverse array of care services. Our core belief is that all our residents should have access to top-quality care while also being able to follow their passions, explore their interests, and form new bonds.

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