En-suite Bedroom

En-suite Bedrooms

Etive House Care Home is a 62-bed private care home in the picturesque village of Benderloch, Scotland. Our great staff has a plethora of experience and is dedicated to providing each of our residents with a thorough approach to care as well as a warm, personal touch. Our goal is to give the greatest care possible, as well as a range of enriching activities and a gorgeously adorned house, in order to guarantee that residents’ well-being and sense of routine are maintained.

Our beautiful en-suite rooms have been carefully decorated to the highest standard. All rooms feature bedroom furniture, a profiling bed, TV, WiFi, a Staff Call System and an accessible en-suite, all of which are designed for comfort and convenience. Residents can communicate with loved ones at any time of day or night due to each room having its own phone line.

With You, Every Step of the Journey

Our ‘move-in coordinators’ are on hand to help new residents adjust to life at Etive House Care Home as smoothly as possible. Residents can get help moving furniture and equipment into their new room from our friendly staff. We want to make the transfer as painless and joyful as possible. We organise the move with residents and their family and are there to help them every step of the journey.

Home From Home

Residents at Etive House Care Home can benefit from group living in a warm and welcoming environment. We take great pride in upholding freedom while respecting privacy and choice. Our goal is to deliver personalised, customised care programmes that are suited to the needs of those who reside with us. In addition to offering highly skilled medical treatment, we urge people to establish friends and completely embrace a group-living lifestyle. It is our aim to ensure all residents at Etive House Care Home are pleased to call it home.

What You’ll Find in Our En-Suite Bedrooms

Our charming en-suite rooms were carefully designed to help our residents feel secure and at ease. We feel it is important to give a space where residents can personalise their surroundings, welcome friends and family, and truly call home:

Accesible En-suites

Each of the 62 bedrooms is a spacious single with en-suite facilities and specialised equipment such as staff call systems, smoke detectors and temperature-controlled central heating, as well as a profiling bed.

Staff Call System

If residents need assistance from a staff member at any time of day or night, there is a call system installed throughout the facility, even in their room, so they can get help at the touch of a button.

A Home Away From Home

We gladly accommodate any requests or needs, and we encourage residents to display personal items in their rooms to provide a personal touch and make it feel like a home away from home.

High-Speed Internet

To guarantee that residents and their loved ones can stay in touch on a regular basis, we have installed high-speed Wi-Fi throughout Etive House Care Home. Residents can use communal iPads and PCs to call friends and relatives whenever they wish.

Communal Spaces

Residents have a selection of comfortable communal places to choose from around the house. Our home has been designed so that members can enjoy the benefits of group living with their other residents.

Private Garden

Our gardens are great for anyone who appreciates being outside, whether they wish to enjoy some alone time or want to enjoy an alfresco supper.

En-suite Room FAQs

We’ve compiled a list of the top three questions we are asked about our en-suite bedrooms. If your question is still unresolved, please do not hesitate to contact our helpful staff.

Each of our suites has been furnished to the greatest standards, offering residents comfortable furnishings in a beautifully designed environment. All of our rooms are large singles with en-suite bathrooms and specialised equipment such as nurse call systems, smoke detectors and temperature-controlled central heating, as well as a standard or specialty nursing bed.

Residents are encouraged to bring any personal items or modest furniture to make them feel more at ease and to personalise their rooms to their preferences. We’ve seen how a few personal objects, such as photographs, souvenirs and ornaments, can completely transform a space.

Residents at Etive House are welcome to invite family and friends to visit them. For the most up-to-date information about our visiting policies, please contact us. We prioritise staying in touch with loved ones outside of the home, so we’ve invested in technology and high-speed Wi-Fi so residents may communicate with those who matter most to them at any time of day.

Moving Into a House That Feels Like Home

Etive House Care Home has a mission, and it is to provide the highest quality of life for our residents. Our luxury care home provides a level of luxury accommodation that’s difficult to beat, as well as five-star facilities that will enable our residents to thrive in their environment. Thanks to the daily activities on offer and in-house amenities, residents have everything they might need to live a rich and fulfilling life. Residents can enjoy socialising with one another and learning new things, as well as being given the opportunity to indulge in a fantastic lifestyle each day. An easy-going and varied lifestyle awaits at Etive House Care Home, where the daily stresses of life can be easily taken care of.

Specially Selected Care for our Residents by Trustworthy Professionals

Our staff always go above and beyond to provide exceptional care to all of our residents here at Etive House Care Home. Our qualified team takes a huge amount of pride in delivering care that respects our resident’s privacy and dignity. The high-quality care we provide will cater to both health and well-being needs as we believe looking after the individual as a whole is vital to ensuring the best care. By working with prospective residents, we can customise individual care plans which can be altered if and when necessary. All types of care take place in a welcoming environment and peaceful setting, designed to make everyone feel at home in their environment.

Reach Out and Talk to our Skilled Professionals

Our friendly team will be more than happy to answer your questions regarding our care and facilities at Etive House Care Home. You can easily contact us by sending us a message at admin@etivehousecare.com or call us on 01631 720278 to talk to one of our supportive team members. Alternatively, feel free to complete our Enquiry Form and we will respond as soon as possible.